cough, cough, cough, get away from me

Everyone in my house is sick right now.  Monika has a cough that won’t quit.  Ellexa has a horrible ear infection.  My husband managed to catch that too.  Elliah has really bad allergies.  Caleb and I see to be the only normal ones right now, but living with four sick people and not getting sick yourself is nearly impossible.  I feel my ears tingly and my throat scratchy,  I’ve been drinking emergen-c and taking vitamins like crazy.  Drinking a ton of water.  And yet.

I have my first half marathon to run on Sunday. I.cannot.get.sick. Fk.  I hate this.

And then to top all this shit off, I went for a short, easy run yesterday and now my left knee hurts all the way up to my thigh. @(*&*^%&#(%$^)*@&

I’ve been eating like crap because I’m so busy all the damn time so I’m too tired to cook so takeout always seems like the easiest option, but it makes me feel so gross and sick.

I need a reset.  I need a vacation.  I need a getaway.

Sunday. Run. Monday. Rest. Cannot. Wait.



Going back to 5

I feel like absolute shit. Shit that got ran over by a semi & took a long ass trip up north.

Or something. Point is, I’m sick. Uber sick. Body aches & chills sick.

I used to be able to handle sick. Pop every cold pill imaginable, drink water. Done.

Now that I have babies again, all I want when I’m sick is my mommy to come over and my grandmas chicken soup. It comforts me just to have them here. I feel better.

It’s funny how that works. We all end up going back to our childhood forms in one way or another the older we get.


In other news, I love my job. Love it. However, I miss having a job where I didn’t have to talk if I didn’t want to. Where I could just sit merrily at my desk and not be bothered.

Today I had at least 2 kids in each class ask if I was sick because I didn’t look like myself and wasn’t dressed cute. Backhanded compliments for the win.

Also, new job means concerns about calling out sick so early on.

Oh well, I already told the kids if I didn’t show up Friday, it was because I was dead. Monday should be fun. Heh.