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Don’t call this a resolution.

At the risk of jinxing myself, I’m going to go ahead and say that 2016 is off to a great start!

In true list-loving, typical blogger form, here are my lists for 2016.

Things I want to do

  • Make it a point to see my friends more often.  I know we’re all grown and super busy, but this is ridiculous.  I haven’t seen some of you in months and we live in the same city!
  • Run a half marathon.  My little heart wants this oh-so-much.
  • By that same token, exercise on a regular basis  Stick with my runs and do my squats.
  • Post on here on a regular basis.  I used to enjoy blogging so much and it was so therapeutic for me.  I need that back.
  • Stop coveting material things and enjoy what I have to the fullest.  I read quite a few interior design blogs and every time I click on a link to an item, it’s a bajillion zillion dollars and it makes me want to kick my sofa.  Instead, I want to revamp what I have and make it work for me.
  • Be nicer to the kids.  I’ve been stressed a little more than usual lately and it’s made me a very yelly-short tempered mother.
  • Take a trip to Disney.  No explanation needed.
  • Keep going to concerts.  See above.
  • Keep in touch with my extended family.  I saw/reconnected with a lot of my cousins at Monika’s quince and I want to keep that communication going.

Habits I want to keep

  • Really, truly planning lessons ahead.  Not just planning with a general idea or concept in mind, but planning down to the nitty gritty details. I started the school year doing this and then eased up a bit towards winter break and regretted it immediately.  I love structure and control.
  • Posting/documenting my Outfits of the Week.  Doing this kept me motivated to get creative with my wardrobe rather than resorting to the same old tired outfits, which in turn kept me from yelling “I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR!!!” every other day.
  • Removing my makeup everysinglenight.  I know.  This is something I should’ve always been in the habit of doing, but let’s face it, I’m lazy.  However, I have been doing it more often and will do it every night because my skin ain’t young and lustrous anymore =(
  • Having breakfast daily.  It helps keep my energy levels up and my eating habits on track.
  • Keeping my caffeine consumption in check.  I remember I used to drink about 12 cups a day at my old job.  Now 2 is all I really need to get me going.

Habits I want to break:

  • Unhealthy Snacking.
  • Putting off working out because it’s cold/hot/I’m too tired/hormonal.
  • Having late dinners.  I always feel like crap right after and way into the next day.
  • Eating justhisonepieceofchocolate because I’m having a bad day.
  • This one’s going to be tough since it’s ingrained in my nature.

So there you have it.  I totally procrastinated, strung together list.  Here’s to a great year!

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Schedules, TPT, & OOTW

This school year has been crazy busy in the best of ways.  We switched to block schedule so now I have three classes for 90 minutes instead of six for 45 and I love it.  It gives me enough time with the kids to teach and have them practice so I can tweak lessons as we go rather than having to rush and wait until the next few days to see if I need to reteach.  Plus the way my schedule is set I have a class, conference period, class, lunch, class, and then planning.  The day flies by.  I love it.

I have several goals for the year as far as teaching goes, and so far, everything is going pretty great, so I’m hoping that posting it doesn’t jinx it but know in the back of my mind that that’s a bunch of crap.  You can’t jinx hard work or blessings.

I’m reading a few education related blogs and have gotten some good inspiration and some great resources.  Teachers Pay Teachers is pretty amazing in that it allows veterans with tried and true methods and resources to share them with up and comers like me.  I don’t think I’ll ever have any original content to share on there, but I’ve had some good luck with a few things I’ve found on there.  This site in particular has some amazing stuff.  She’s awesome.

A small and perhaps vain goal I have for this semester is to build myself a stylish yet comfortable teaching wardrobe.  Last year I felt like I got burned out and fell back on school shirts and jeans or boring black slacks.  I feel so much better when I love what I’m wearing.  So in an effort to stick to this and also build a sort of outfit catalogue to look back on when “I have nothing to wear,”  I’ll be posting my weekly outfits on here.

Here’s to a great week up ahead!

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