La Tortura (pre-race)

One of these days, I'll really buckle down and actually train for my races. Like, full on follow the schedule and eat right and not stress and have a cig or two the week before the big day. I'll follow the plan all the way through the end and not stop training the last month... Continue Reading →



Going on hour two of Rylan and Rayne  going back and forth bickering and crying and being overall annoying.  You eat first, no you eat first, stop looking at me, you moved the table a centimeter, wah, wahwah, wahwah. I'm feeling a bit(lot) salty right now over a few things and have nothing nice to... Continue Reading →

On the end of summer and not hyping up firsts

I do this thing with birthdays where in my mind, it has to be the birthday person's most special day everrrrrr.  In concept, that sounds great.  But making that happen? Totally impossible.  You can't make every.single.birthday the most wonderful day ever. The pressure is crazy. Unfortunately, I do the same for firsts. I get all... Continue Reading →

Frustrations and Freedoms

It is too late in the school year to be this annoyed.  This morning has been a series of complaints and redirection.  I get it.  We're all tired.  Test prep kills us all.  The weeks after the EOC should be easy-coasting and fun, which is why I gave a project rather than jumping right back into... Continue Reading →


Today was bad.  I'm talking seeing red, don't say your thoughts out loud or you'll get fired, everyone get the hell away from me kind of bad.  I'm not even sure what brought it on or what changed because this morning had been going great and then it all went to shit in a matter... Continue Reading →

Run. Rinse. Repeat.

I'm running 3 miles tomorrow morning before the sun even rises.  And then I'm wearing my cherry red Michael Kors pumps because I'm fucking fabulous. And now it's on the internet so it must be true.  I might die, yes, but that's a risk I'm willing to take at this point. I started a 10K... Continue Reading →

OOTW recaps & thoughts

Finally figured out how to get the pictures loaded.  If you use wordpress on a Mac & have suggestions, I'd love to hear them! Two weeks ago. Monday thoughts: Love, but need to get these pants tailored ASAP. Tuesday: Department shirt, slacks, pony.  Boring. Wednesday: Love the dress and so comfy.  Paired with sandals to... Continue Reading →

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