The plan for today was to wake up at 7, go for my benchmark run, do some yoga, and be done by 9. Alarm rang: plan changed. Sleep until 8, I thought. Elliah woke me up to get her breakfast and informed me it was 10:30. Well then. I'm supposed to go back to work... Continue Reading →


On the end of summer and not hyping up firsts

I do this thing with birthdays where in my mind, it has to be the birthday person's most special day everrrrrr.  In concept, that sounds great.  But making that happen? Totally impossible.  You can't make every.single.birthday the most wonderful day ever. The pressure is crazy. Unfortunately, I do the same for firsts. I get all... Continue Reading →

On summer snacking

I'm currently sitting on my couch eating chips and pecans out of a bowl that I've hidden under my throw blanket so the girls don't see it because they will inevitably wipe me out of said snacks within the minute.  Horrible, selfish, justified. You know how they say that teenage athletes will eat though your... Continue Reading →

Self-counsciousness and Kick-assery

First ever two-a-day workout done.  I feel pretty damn good.  I'll probably be dying tomorrow, but for now I feel invincible. But you know, every time I post something on any social media platform, I feel judged.  I feel silly.  I feel like people will tire of reading posts about me boosting myself up.  It... Continue Reading →

So Monika's ACL is torn.  The specialist also thinks she tore her lateral meniscus, but she'll need an MRI to confirm.  She will need surgery to repair both ligaments.  He suggested doing the surgery ASAP. Monika's 15th birthday is in exactly three weeks.  Her quinceañera is four days later.  She is devastated.  I'm a wreck.... Continue Reading →

Early summer plans

Today's my last day of work and I'm sure you can imagine my excitement over that. I still have a few days/weeks to go before I'm able to fully (not really) veg out and do nothing during the day though since we have quinceañera stuff and I have some home projects I want to tackle... Continue Reading →

Please Hold…

I'm not ready. Not ready to let go of my babies and entrust them to the daycare. Not ready to end my days spent at home with all my kids. Not ready to wake up early and stay up as a functional member of society. I'm just not ready yet. Why can't it be summer... Continue Reading →

Ending Coming Soon…

So my brief stint as a housewife/stay-at-home mom is quickly coming to an end. With school starting on Monday for me & Wednesday for the munchkins, my brain has entered "frantic mode" which means I've made list upon list of things I need to get done before I lose these precious daytime hours to get.shit.done.... Continue Reading →

Sometimes our decisions are made for us

So my summer class was canceled. Again. Well not again, but the class that was supposed to substitute the class which I had originally registered for but couldn't take because they canceled it was canceled. I'm taking it as a sign that I just need to rest this summer and go full force my last... Continue Reading →

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