Woe, woe, woe

So the Boys lost.  Boo.  I stayed away as much as I could, but I guess I'll have to completely leave the house from here on out.  Sunday Shopping, anyone?  😉 Last week was pretty hellish.  Monday we drove 12 hours to get back home and the trip was actually pretty good.  The weekend was... Continue Reading →


OOTW Success and Germs

So the outfit thing.  I guess it's going okay and last year wasn't that bad since one of my students from last year came by and told me she had nominated me for the "Best Dressed"  section of the yearbook.  I'll take it.  Except I won't because I feel like crap today and forgot to actually... Continue Reading →

Going back to 5

I feel like absolute shit. Shit that got ran over by a semi & took a long ass trip up north. Or something. Point is, I'm sick. Uber sick. Body aches & chills sick. I used to be able to handle sick. Pop every cold pill imaginable, drink water. Done. Now that I have babies... Continue Reading →

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