Frustrations and Freedoms

It is too late in the school year to be this annoyed.  This morning has been a series of complaints and redirection.  I get it.  We’re all tired.  Test prep kills us all.  The weeks after the EOC should be easy-coasting and fun, which is why I gave a project rather than jumping right back into traditional stuff.  And yet.  Phones are out.  Folders are neglected.  Volume is out of hand.  Structure and routines are forgotten.  This will just not do.

There are so many things up in the air right now as far as next year’s calendar goes.  When will the kids start school?  Will we be starting in July if they start in August?  What does that mean for off days throughout the first semester?  When will the school year end?  So many questions, so little/such vague answers.  And there’s really no point in even worrying about it because there’s not much we can do about it anyway. But worry I will because the uncertainty kills me.  I need set dates!!!

8 weeks.  

1 week to close out the Movie Theme Project.
2 weeks to close out the Original Sequel / Persuasive Trailer Project.
2 weeks for Animal Farm (not enough, but we’ll try).
1 week for Finals Review.
1 week for Finals.
1 week for End-of -the-School-Year activities.

 And then…sweet. sweet freedooooooooooooom!!!


Woe, woe, woe

So the Boys lost.  Boo.  I stayed away as much as I could, but I guess I’ll have to completely leave the house from here on out.  Sunday Shopping, anyone?  😉

Last week was pretty hellish.  Monday we drove 12 hours to get back home and the trip was actually pretty good.  The weekend was exhausting, though, and so were the girls.  They’ve been something else lately.

School was a mess.  I was sick.  I was in a total allergy-induced haze.  I couldn’t focus.  I was moody.  I couldn’t plan anything and catching up on grading took all my time.  But the first six weeks are done.  Thank goodness.

Elliah has been a nightmare to get to bed lately.  Nothing works.  Not nightly routines, not back rubs or butt pats.  Not Cat in the Hat.  Nothing.  It’s crying and fighting and screaming on both our parts until she finally gives up around 11ish and finally crashes.  The lack of sleep is seriously messing me up.  I need to be out by 10 in order to function well the next day.  I’m hoping and praying it’s just a phase.

Last week’s outfits were a fiasco (vocabulary word from this week, ha).  I need tailored pants that work well with flats.  Wednesday was supposed to be picture day for aforementioned yearbook shot, but I missed it because I forgot to actually go take my picture so all that happened was that I repeated an outfit for no damn reason and wore my hair down when all I wanted was to put it up in a bun.  Thursday was University day and all I had was my now defunct UTB shirt.  Friday was cute.  I felt so much better in this outfit than the photograph shows, so I’m not even sure what to feel about that, but whatever.

Anyway, here’s to a better week!

requisite update

Student teaching has been an amazing, eye-opening experience. I’ve learned so much from my mentor teacher. Invaluable lessons that no amount of time in an education course could have taught me. I’m going to miss working with her, the kids, and most of the teachers and staff. I really can’t say enough positive things about this experience. It’s been awesome.

Not so awesome? All the million and one additional requirements for English majors due to the university trying to get certified. They’re tedious, menial, and completely unrealistic as far as using them in a classroom goes.

And my last “required” (it’s a substitution for my actual required course & has nothing in common with it) English course…sucks. There’s no other way to put it. The work is pointless. The assignments are tedious. The instructions vague. The professor takes forever to grade and provides no feedback.

I feel like I’m taking “What Not to Do When You’re a Teacher 101.”

If anything, I’ve learned that students will have a very hard time doing work that they can’t find use for or relate to in their own lives.

So yes, total mental block when it comes to this class. It infuriates me.

In other news, I need a makeover. My master bedroom needs a makeover. My kids’ attitude needs a makeover.

More on that another time.

Hindsight, poor planning, and finality

I could sit here and bitch and moan about UTB’s lack of a competent advising department.  I could, but I don’t have the time it would take to write about how much they suck.

So instead I’ll just say I wasted between two and three semesters taking classes I didn’t need only to find out today that had I taken matters into my own hands, I would already have not one degree, but two.  *breathe/in/breathe/out/try/not/to/cry*

And then I think, well, yeah, but my ultimate goal was to teach, not to just get a degree in English, but, but…ten years, people.  I’ve been at this for TEN.YEARS. and now that it’s SO CLOSE I realize all of this?! I could have been DONE?  ::sigh::

Semi-resigned already, maybe still a chance to turn back, but do I really want to? 

No.  I have a purpose, damnit.  What’s one more semester?  And in the end I can get both degrees if I want to.  So nana-nana- boo -boo.  I’ve got this. 

How’s your Wednesday going?