JuneJitterbug Exhaustion

June is basically a month-long celebration of birthdays, graduations, and other party-worthy events. I think there's one week where we have a family birthday every single day. Elliah's birthday is on the 15th, then just 15 days later we have my husband's birthday, and in between that, we have Father's Day. Parties! People! Family! Cake!... Continue Reading →



Two ears.  One Brain. Attention divided. Not enough. Carve moments out of time.  It's not enough.  It's never enough. Little slivers of suspended reveries between mountains and mountains of dense, responsibility laden thoughts. One heart. A few pieces. All equal. All important. Several pieces. Not equal. Still important. Check incessantly out of boredom. Scroll absentmindedly out of... Continue Reading →

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