On the end of summer and not hyping up firsts

I do this thing with birthdays where in my mind, it has to be the birthday person's most special day everrrrrr.  In concept, that sounds great.  But making that happen? Totally impossible.  You can't make every.single.birthday the most wonderful day ever. The pressure is crazy. Unfortunately, I do the same for firsts. I get all... Continue Reading →


On summer snacking

I'm currently sitting on my couch eating chips and pecans out of a bowl that I've hidden under my throw blanket so the girls don't see it because they will inevitably wipe me out of said snacks within the minute.  Horrible, selfish, justified. You know how they say that teenage athletes will eat though your... Continue Reading →

Friday thoughts & OOTW

Teenagers are exhausting, Kids can be unappreciative little assholes sometimes. Coming home to a clean house does wonders for an anxious mind. I will be rewarding myself with a new something or other when I reach Day 15 of this training. Squats suck, but muscle memory is awesome. My hair needs...work. I was feeling so... Continue Reading →

On time and OOTW

When I worked in sales and advertising, my weeks always seemed to fly by since we worked on weekly deadlines and quotas.  It was something I hated and loved at the same time because while the weekend approached that much quicker, I felt like I never had time to savor the week. This year of... Continue Reading →

OOTW Success and Germs

So the outfit thing.  I guess it's going okay and last year wasn't that bad since one of my students from last year came by and told me she had nominated me for the "Best Dressed"  section of the yearbook.  I'll take it.  Except I won't because I feel like crap today and forgot to actually... Continue Reading →

Going back to 5

I feel like absolute shit. Shit that got ran over by a semi & took a long ass trip up north. Or something. Point is, I'm sick. Uber sick. Body aches & chills sick. I used to be able to handle sick. Pop every cold pill imaginable, drink water. Done. Now that I have babies... Continue Reading →

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