Four and done.

The girls are growing up and I'm finally starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel and that light doesn't include any more babies. The girls are out of diapers.  They can get basic things like water and snacks for themselves.  They sleep (mostly) through the night and in their own room.... Continue Reading →


Ornithophobia & a new pet

My fear of birds is pretty well known.  Just saying the word or typing it makes me shudder. The thought of feathers and beaks and beady little eyes is enough to give me anxiety, and no, that's not an exaggeration.  I have no idea where it stems from, all I know is it started in... Continue Reading →

Self-counsciousness and Kick-assery

First ever two-a-day workout done.  I feel pretty damn good.  I'll probably be dying tomorrow, but for now I feel invincible. But you know, every time I post something on any social media platform, I feel judged.  I feel silly.  I feel like people will tire of reading posts about me boosting myself up.  It... Continue Reading →

The end of a decade

Tonight I turn the page on a chapter of my life that had tumultuous start and an incredible finish. My early twenties were crazy.  They were aggressively lived.  My mid-twenties were spent picking up the pieces from the three years past  My late twenties were for getting to know myself, accepting myself, and loving myself... Continue Reading →

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