life happens


I’ve gained about five pounds in the last two weeks and while it may not seem like much, it *is* because it puts me right under my “dreaded” weight and that is so not okay.  I wish I had more time to run.  I wish I had more time to myself.  But alas, family comes first.

I’ve been eating my feelings and my stress and it’s been so easy to justify a cookie here and a chocolate there because “I’m going running after work anyway” except I don’t because I’m running around like a crazy woman doing pick-ups after school.

I’m seriously considering taking a mental health day because while I don’t feel stressed, I know I am.  I just want a day to go to the movies and sleep and shop and not have a worry in the world until it’s time to pick up all the munchkins from school.  A day to just turn my brain off.

So I’ve promised myself a few new outfits when I reach my goal weight in order to motivate myself to eat better.  I’ve promised myself I will manage a way to sneak in a run every two days because the half marathon is literally ten days away.  And I’ve promised myself to take the day after the marathon off because I’ll be exhausted and will need to recover and what better way to do that than with sleep, movies, and more sleep?

Until then, peace out.


I suck at titles

So today I started my tutorials early so I could end a few minutes early in order to have time to leave school, pick the girls up, go home, grab some sweaters and get to Caleb’s game at least before half time.

Ha.  As if.  I got to home only to be greeted by Zoe’s ginormous turd.  Twenty minutes of carefully removing the dog, bowls, dog bed, and scrubbing the kennel floor got me to the game with 4 minutes left in the 4th quarter.

They won something like 40some to 13, so there’s that.

But then I got home and decided since I had cleaned the kennel floor, I might as well scrub the bowls, and since I was doing that, I might as well wash the dog bed too and sweep and mop her area.  And since I was doing all that, I couldn’t have a stinky ass dog, so I gave her bath.  And I mean, if you bathe your dog in the shower, then you’ve gotta scrub that too so that’s how I ended up scrubbing the entire bathroom and mopping the house all on a damn Monday evening after a 10 hour workday.  Le sigh.

My entire house smells so fresh and so clean now though and now Zoe can come and hang out with us in the living room and all is well.

Happy Monday, indeed ❤