On summer snacking

I’m currently sitting on my couch eating chips and pecans out of a bowl that I’ve hidden under my throw blanket so the girls don’t see it because they will inevitably wipe me out of said snacks within the minute.  Horrible, selfish, justified.

You know how they say that teenage athletes will eat though your pantry and fridge in minutes? Well, my toddlers will too.  Growth spurts, gotta love them.  Except my kids are currently obsessed with waffles and marshmallow cereal.  I can make the most delicious spaghetti (their favorite food) and lately they’ll pass it up for some good old fashioned cereal.  I’ve been giving in because usually, they eat pretty healthy.  Also, because it’s summer and rules don’t count in summer.  Especially when we all go back to reality in less than a month. *insert crying emoji here*

I wish I had Oreo cookies at home.

I’ve had some pretty awesome thoughts about some things I want to implement next year year, but have refused to think too much about them so they’ve just been jotted down.  I refuse to acknowledge that this is almost over.  I know I need to start waking up earlier so it won’t be a total shock on my body, but I’ll get to that eventually.  I also need to find some cute, comfortable, affordable heels to teach in, so that’s on the list.

Ah, lists.  I have so enjoyed living without them (not really, but I have enjoyed not needing to follow them to a T).

Anyway, back to eating my feelings snacking and avoiding what’s right around the corner. Enjoy your summer, people!




Brain Dump

I started drafting this post on Thursday and it’s amazing what a difference a day makes.  Thursday was bad.  I was in a horrible mood.  People were annoying me by just existing.  Well, that’s a lie.  Some people are just negative little assholes.  But I won’t waste my time dwelling on that because it’s just not worth it.

Friday was awesome.  Teaching kids to write essays is not easy.  That is understatement of the century.  Either way, Thursday was discouraging, but then Friday came around and the kids started getting it and I got some awesome feedback from old students and it was just a great day.

Then today I went to a training that I found to be incredibly insightful and relevant.  If you’re a teacher, you know how rare that is.  I mean, no one likes going to trainings period, let alone one on a Saturday morning, but I feel it was a good investment of my time and it reinforced my belief in teachers being our own best resources.

In other news, I’ve hidden my scale.  I was super annoyed with the number  I was at last week, but happy with the way my legs are looking, so I decided I need to stop with the number obsession and focus on how I feel and look instead.

I’m tired.  We’ve been traveling quite a bit this last month and household chores have been piling up and I’ve been dead set on getting my daily workouts in that putting clothes away and organizing clutter has taken a back seat.

So has putting much thought into outfits and hair.  Whatever, as long as I feel put together and not like a slob, I’m good.


No OOTW pictures this week because wordpress is being difficult.

Have a great weekend!



Woe, woe, woe

So the Boys lost.  Boo.  I stayed away as much as I could, but I guess I’ll have to completely leave the house from here on out.  Sunday Shopping, anyone?  😉

Last week was pretty hellish.  Monday we drove 12 hours to get back home and the trip was actually pretty good.  The weekend was exhausting, though, and so were the girls.  They’ve been something else lately.

School was a mess.  I was sick.  I was in a total allergy-induced haze.  I couldn’t focus.  I was moody.  I couldn’t plan anything and catching up on grading took all my time.  But the first six weeks are done.  Thank goodness.

Elliah has been a nightmare to get to bed lately.  Nothing works.  Not nightly routines, not back rubs or butt pats.  Not Cat in the Hat.  Nothing.  It’s crying and fighting and screaming on both our parts until she finally gives up around 11ish and finally crashes.  The lack of sleep is seriously messing me up.  I need to be out by 10 in order to function well the next day.  I’m hoping and praying it’s just a phase.

Last week’s outfits were a fiasco (vocabulary word from this week, ha).  I need tailored pants that work well with flats.  Wednesday was supposed to be picture day for aforementioned yearbook shot, but I missed it because I forgot to actually go take my picture so all that happened was that I repeated an outfit for no damn reason and wore my hair down when all I wanted was to put it up in a bun.  Thursday was University day and all I had was my now defunct UTB shirt.  Friday was cute.  I felt so much better in this outfit than the photograph shows, so I’m not even sure what to feel about that, but whatever.

Anyway, here’s to a better week!

This and that. Injuries and clumsiness.

Monika messed up her knee pretty badly last Thursday.  I say “messed up” because nothing is fractured, and yet it’s still swollen and achy and she is beyond frustrated and I feel helpless because there’s nothing I can do to help her feel better.  She’s always been my Little Miss Independent and the crutches limit her ability to do a lot of things, she is pain although she tries to be strong, and there’s the big looming possibility that she might not be able to dance at her own quinceañera.  It’s crushing me and I can’t even begin to imagine what she’s going through.  We won’t know more until the swelling goes down and she can possibly get an MRI, but we continue to pray that she heals.

In keeping up with family shenanigans, Elliah fell pretty badly earlier today and has a shiner that makes me cry every time I look at it. She let me cuddle her and ice it for about 1.2 minutes before being done with it all and getting frustrated and wanting to be left alone.  The only thing that helped was bribing her with a teta so she could sit still long enough to put a cold compress on her face.

Caleb and Ellexa remain unscathed for the moment and I’m praying it stays that way.  I don’t know how much more of this I can take.

In better news, Friday is my last day of summer school and ohmygosh am I ready for it to be over.  I had a good batch of kids, but I long for mornings starting after 7 AM and not having to read any more essays or short answer responses for a good month and a half.

I’m anxious to tackle my summer to do list and watch endless hours of television and have enough time to focus on my health.  Bring on summer vacation!

Solve the equation

Mona has a game at 7 on the north side of town and needs to be there at 6:30.
Kbob has a game at 7 on the south side of town and needs to be there at 6:50.
Two toddlers need to picked up by 5 in order for the previous two events to happen on time.
Grocery shopping needs to be done.
Items for birthday party on Saturday need to be procured.
Solve for X.

Got it?  Me neither.  But somehow, it got done.

Hell, it even went *well.* Things ran smoothly. Kids got to where they needed to be on time. The girls behaved during the game.

And then.

Screaming, crying, fighting. But it’s done.  All kids are in their own beds going to sleep. That in itself is a victory.  It’s the little things.

To say things are crazy right now would be the biggest understatement of the year.  There’s the quinceañera details to be finalized and photo shoots to be scheduled.  There’s Father’s Day and graduations and the million birthdays in June.  There’s summer school for me and daily practices for the kids at two different schools at the same damn times.  There’s daily games.  There’s teenage mood swings and tween hormones and toddler tantrums and and and and and.


But we’re okay.  We’re living.  Not alive and surviving and just existing. And that’s the beauty of it.

And you know what else?  My crazy ass will look at pictures of the kids as teeny tiny babies and still manage to get the biggest case of baby fever.  I don’t get it.  I really, truly don’t.