My day started at 4 in the morning. Get up, fuel up, drive out. We had a trip to Texas State University's Nursing School. Mona had a plan. Get her BSN and go on to med school and if that didn't work out or she changed her mind, she'd at least have her BS in... Continue Reading →


Ready? Set? No.

Who has fabulous hair and a midterm for which she has not fully prepared? This girl, that's who. The semester is at its peak and so are my stress levels with my applied research study and cultural research project. I just want to curl into the fetal position and ignore it all until it goes... Continue Reading →

Realist Rosie

Positive affirmations and personal mantras have never been my thing. I've always felt a little silly (and fake, tbh) ┬ábeing overly positive or pointing out the good in a situation because sometimes people just want to vent and rant and not have cliches thrown at them. Positive Polly is NOT my name. I'm Realist Rosie,... Continue Reading →

New Year, who dis?

I haven't really been big on resolutions for a long time. I break them and then feel like a total failure and it just turns into a spiral of negativity. I also don't do well with long-term goals because I'm more of the instant-gratification type. And all my education courses killed any inkling to reflect... Continue Reading →

I think I can’t

Ever been so convinced you can't do something only to happily surprise yourself? I've been working out on and off for about two years now, but never on a consistent enough schedule and never following any type of healthy eating plan because I love carbs and sugar way too much to ever give them up... Continue Reading →

Stuck in a rut

...of complete and utter blahness. I don't even have a routine lately, and if you know anything about me at all, you know that's almost blasphemous. You know those memes of what teachers look like in August vs what they look like in December? Yeah, well I'm a walking meme right now. The struggle is... Continue Reading →

La Tortura (pre-race)

One of these days, I'll really buckle down and actually train for my races. Like, full on follow the schedule and eat right and not stress and have a cig or two the week before the big day. I'll follow the plan all the way through the end and not stop training the last month... Continue Reading →

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