JuneJitterbug Exhaustion

June is basically a month-long celebration of birthdays, graduations, and other party-worthy events. I think there’s one week where we have a family birthday every single day. Elliah’s birthday is on the 15th, then just 15 days later we have my husband’s birthday, and in between that, we have Father’s Day.

Parties! People! Family! Cake! Every extroverts dream!

But for me? The month leaves me emotionally and mentally drained. I love family. I love my people. But I need time to recharge in order to function. How does one find alone time in family home of 6? One doesn’t.

This week alone I had graduation, we celebrated Grandpa’s birthday, Tia Grace’s birthday, Tia Martha’s birthday, Elliah’s birthday, and Father’s Day.

Which is why today is almost sacred to me. The girls are at daycare, my husband is at work, Caleb is at his dad’s, and Monika is sleeping and watching movies, which gives me the silence and solitude I so desperately need to recharge and be able to function like a normal human being.

Most people don’t get that.  It’s not the work that goes into throwing a party or the walking back and forth in heels keeping kids in line at graduation or teaching summer school after a hectic year that exhausts me. It’s the constant having to be present and talking and listening and being around other people that is utterly draining.

So today I rest and I relax and I sit still and in silence and recharge to deal with tomorrow. ❤



December, Untitled.

Man. October? I guess I didn’t keep up with this thing after all.

The year is almost over and honestly, thank goodness for that. I’m ready to put it behind us and start fresh. A friend recently told me that 2016 was reportedly going to be bad all around, and I can say that’s pretty accurate.

I won’t recap everything because a lot happened since I last posted, but here’s a few tidbits.

Caleb turned 13. I now have two teenagers in my house.  What the?!

We lost an epic woman. A woman with a beautiful soul, a contagious smile, an infectious laughter, and an incredible energy. My babies are blessed to be a part of her legacy and Elliah’s hair, smile, and laughter will forever remind me of her. img_8505

It’s sad that it sometimes takes occasions like this one to reunite family members, but I’m thankful that we got to spend so much time with our El Paso family. The kids had a blast playing with their cousins and I love seeing my husband spend time with his brothers. Distance sucks, but it makes times like this weekend that much more memorable.

We miss them already and are looking forward to our trip up there in a few weeks!

On summer snacking

I’m currently sitting on my couch eating chips and pecans out of a bowl that I’ve hidden under my throw blanket so the girls don’t see it because they will inevitably wipe me out of said snacks within the minute.  Horrible, selfish, justified.

You know how they say that teenage athletes will eat though your pantry and fridge in minutes? Well, my toddlers will too.  Growth spurts, gotta love them.  Except my kids are currently obsessed with waffles and marshmallow cereal.  I can make the most delicious spaghetti (their favorite food) and lately they’ll pass it up for some good old fashioned cereal.  I’ve been giving in because usually, they eat pretty healthy.  Also, because it’s summer and rules don’t count in summer.  Especially when we all go back to reality in less than a month. *insert crying emoji here*

I wish I had Oreo cookies at home.

I’ve had some pretty awesome thoughts about some things I want to implement next year year, but have refused to think too much about them so they’ve just been jotted down.  I refuse to acknowledge that this is almost over.  I know I need to start waking up earlier so it won’t be a total shock on my body, but I’ll get to that eventually.  I also need to find some cute, comfortable, affordable heels to teach in, so that’s on the list.

Ah, lists.  I have so enjoyed living without them (not really, but I have enjoyed not needing to follow them to a T).

Anyway, back to eating my feelings snacking and avoiding what’s right around the corner. Enjoy your summer, people!



Ornithophobia & a new pet

My fear of birds is pretty well known.  Just saying the word or typing it makes me shudder. The thought of feathers and beaks and beady little eyes is enough to give me anxiety, and no, that’s not an exaggeration.  I have no idea where it stems from, all I know is it started in my late teens.  I had never been attacked by a bird at that point so I can’t really tell you what my fear is, I just know I get sweaty palms and pretty much freeze in place if I can’t run away screaming like a mad woman if there’s a bird anywhere within 15 feet of me.  The flapping of the wings, the sound it creates…*shudder*

So as life would have it, a bird decided to nest riiiiiiiiiight on my front door awning.  I saw her building the nest a few weeks back and for some reason didn’t immediately ask my husband to move it.

Well, I left it and let it be.  The curious thing is that as soon as I drive up to my house, the bird flies out to the tree in my front yard.  It’s like it knows and it’s being polite.  I was scared that it might be there staring at me when I open the door to leave the house, but no, as soon I open the front door, it’s already flying out to the tree.  Then I figured it would surely stay put once the babes hatched and was scared it might attack me out of fear that I would get them (it’s happened to me once, I was out minding my own business when a fucking blackbird flew right at my head because its babies were nearby even though I had no idea), but no.  I hear the little birds chirping, I see the sticks in the nest moving, but the momma bird hasn’t been there to ungraciously greet me.

You would think that this little happening had taught me something, but you’d be wrong.  While I have developed a slight connection and a soft spot for this particular bird, I’m still convinced all other birds are evil and always secretly plotting to attack me.

So what happens now, though?  When do the little birds start to fly?  Will the mom ever build another nest?  Am I stuck with them? How do I keep the neighborhood strays from eating them? So many questions!!!  Help!

Still Bzzzin’

Three days later and I’m *still* riding that Bey high, y’all.  Seriously.

And I wasn’t even a mega fan to begin with.  But seeing her live? The artistry that goes into every single aspect of her performance? Her energy? Her gazillion wind machines? Her epic derriere? It changes you.  Like, seriously.  I’m still in awe of her. /fangirling

This weekend more exiting things are happening.  My cousin (well, technically the hub’s cousin, but I’m claiming her anyway because <3) graduates from A&M on Friday!  And then we’re going to the Rihanna concert on Saturday! And  I get to see my bestests!  SO YAY ALL AROUND!!!  Also, four day work week whut whut!!!

May’s been a good one, y’all.  A hectic one, but oh-so-good.

It’s seriously been a whirlwind since you know I’m a planner and a worrier and so packing for events and packing overnight bags for the girls and making sure my house is clean before I leave and then again when I get home only to have to leave again in a few days has been mentally draining.  I had stopped running for a week or so because I needed to take care of allthethings and if I don’t run by 6, my mind shuts that shit down and is all “nope, we’re not moving past 7” so I’ve been devising ways to get a run in before getting the girls.  So far so good (it’s only been one day, ha!) but I got in a 4.25 mile outdoor run yesterday at a very sad, sad pace, but it got done.  And I felt great.  So there.

Anywho, pictures to come.  For now I’m off to beat the clock and get in a quick sweat sesh. Peace.



I’ve been meaning to post individual accounts of everything we’ve been up to this year, but I never seem to have time, and when I do, the task seems daunting.  So instead, here’s a photo blog of all the fun stuff that’s been going on =)

We started the year celebrating Ellexa’s 4th (!) birthday with just our little family at Peter Piper. Then we had our traditional birthday celebration at our place with the fam.

IMG_1429…She loved her present…

IMG_1509…Posing with Tia Nina and her famously delicious cake…

IMG_1596…She hates “mordidas” and so do I, so this is as much as I let them get her…

Then we celebrated Charro Days.  We rarely do anything for this local holiday, but it’s always fun dressing up the kids when they’re little.  Ellexa actually wore the same outfit she used when she was 9 months (we had stitched it up since her and I came out on a float that year) and it fit perfectly.  For Elliah, I had to pull together a makeshift costume since I had  apparently given away the outfits from the previous years.  


IMG_0180…And I finally went out and bought them shirts since they’ll be dressing up every year…

Caleb continued to play basketball with his awesome team.

IMG_1756…Go Tigers!!!…

And Monika got released and back on the field!!!


She also made her goal to be in the Top 5% !


We celebrated Dr. Seuss’ Birthday

IMG_0321…Cat in the Hat & Cindy Lou Who…

We had a blast on Spring Break!

IMG_0437…Carnival time! Elliah’s face here is everything…

IMG_0461…And this sums up Ellexa so well…

IMG_0711…We went to the zoo…

…And the Livestock Show…
…Where Ellexa was cautious and Elliah was in her element…
…My girls ❤  Elliah was still upset here because we left the petting area…

We caught a Spurs game.  And not just any Spurs game: the nail biter that was Golden State VS San Antonio which resulted in another home win for our beloved Spurs!
…Someone was a little salty over Curry’s loss, jaja…
…View from our awesome seats…

Then we got together to crack 


Monika did a photoshoot.IMG_1310
…Crappy BTS shot, jaja…

And there’s been a lot of monkeying around.

I ran the Charro Days 5K with my friend & coworker, Bel.


And then just this weekend I ran my second 5K of the year with Mona.


It’s been a busy, eventful, fun-filled year and it’s barely 1/4 of the way through.  We’ve got exciting things coming up in the next few months and it seems summer is just around the corner.  Can’t wait!