Don’t call this a resolution.

At the risk of jinxing myself, I’m going to go ahead and say that 2016 is off to a great start!

In true list-loving, typical blogger form, here are my lists for 2016.

Things I want to do

  • Make it a point to see my friends more often.  I know we’re all grown and super busy, but this is ridiculous.  I haven’t seen some of you in months and we live in the same city!
  • Run a half marathon.  My little heart wants this oh-so-much.
  • By that same token, exercise on a regular basis  Stick with my runs and do my squats.
  • Post on here on a regular basis.  I used to enjoy blogging so much and it was so therapeutic for me.  I need that back.
  • Stop coveting material things and enjoy what I have to the fullest.  I read quite a few interior design blogs and every time I click on a link to an item, it’s a bajillion zillion dollars and it makes me want to kick my sofa.  Instead, I want to revamp what I have and make it work for me.
  • Be nicer to the kids.  I’ve been stressed a little more than usual lately and it’s made me a very yelly-short tempered mother.
  • Take a trip to Disney.  No explanation needed.
  • Keep going to concerts.  See above.
  • Keep in touch with my extended family.  I saw/reconnected with a lot of my cousins at Monika’s quince and I want to keep that communication going.

Habits I want to keep

  • Really, truly planning lessons ahead.  Not just planning with a general idea or concept in mind, but planning down to the nitty gritty details. I started the school year doing this and then eased up a bit towards winter break and regretted it immediately.  I love structure and control.
  • Posting/documenting my Outfits of the Week.  Doing this kept me motivated to get creative with my wardrobe rather than resorting to the same old tired outfits, which in turn kept me from yelling “I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR!!!” every other day.
  • Removing my makeup everysinglenight.  I know.  This is something I should’ve always been in the habit of doing, but let’s face it, I’m lazy.  However, I have been doing it more often and will do it every night because my skin ain’t young and lustrous anymore =(
  • Having breakfast daily.  It helps keep my energy levels up and my eating habits on track.
  • Keeping my caffeine consumption in check.  I remember I used to drink about 12 cups a day at my old job.  Now 2 is all I really need to get me going.

Habits I want to break:

  • Unhealthy Snacking.
  • Putting off working out because it’s cold/hot/I’m too tired/hormonal.
  • Having late dinners.  I always feel like crap right after and way into the next day.
  • Eating justhisonepieceofchocolate because I’m having a bad day.
  • This one’s going to be tough since it’s ingrained in my nature.

So there you have it.  I totally procrastinated, strung together list.  Here’s to a great year!

First #ootw of 2016. #whatIwore #ootd #teachinginstyle #teachersofinstagram

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On time and OOTW

When I worked in sales and advertising, my weeks always seemed to fly by since we worked on weekly deadlines and quotas.  It was something I hated and loved at the same time because while the weekend approached that much quicker, I felt like I never had time to savor the week.

This year of teaching has been very similar in that aspect.  While our grading periods are broken up into 6 week time frames, our team pretty much structures lessons a week at a time, making the week fly by.

Add to that daily pick-ups from practices and physical therapy sessions and weekly errands and weekends become treasured respites that end much too quickly.

This weekend was a blur.  The weather was gorgeous.  I snuck in a short jog on Sunday and it was awesome, but something knocked me on my butt and I napped for 3 hours.  It was weird.  I’m not used to napping anymore, let alone for that long of a time. I feel like I wasted my weekend.

In OOTW news, you should know that I mistook last week for Red Ribbon week and rocked a Superman shirt on Wednesday for Superhero Day.  I got crazy stares all day.  *shrug*  I feel pretty “meh” about all the outfits except for Thursday’s.  The bun continues to confuse me, but I love the way it looks in this picture.  Next week should be a humorous recap considering Red Ribbon week is actually, really finally here.

OOTW Success and Germs

So the outfit thing.  I guess it’s going okay and last year wasn’t that bad since one of my students from last year came by and told me she had nominated me for the “Best Dressed”  section of the yearbook.  I’ll take it.  Except I won’t because I feel like crap today and forgot to actually go take my picture.  Ah, so be it.  Stupid germs.

It started as allergies, but I can feel the fever coming on.  And apparently, this is a thing because every single teacher blog I read is mentioning something about back-to-school germs being in full swing.  Wonderful.

I’ve been in a funk lately and it hadn’t hit me until I typed it that I’ve forgone working out since Thursday.  Travel and germs make for a very tired, very unmotivated Rosie.  I’ve also gone back to eating everything in sight these last two days and that has made me feel worse.  I need to kick this cold in the bucket so I can get back to running because sweating out toxins really is the best therapy.

I can’t wait until I can see the changes in my pictures.  For now, here’s last week outfit recap.

Hair & makeup get traded in for sleep as the week goes on. #itsallgood #ootw #teachinginstyle

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I’m really liking doing this.  It’s convenient to be able to look back and see which outfits I hate, which ones I love, and which ones just aren’t working out.  It’s also kept me from wearing frumpy shit when I feel sick, because no one really wants to post a crappy picture.  Although in full honesty, I just found out that we can wear jeans and university shirts on Thursdays so that will totally be happening.  So if you have any old college t-shirts lying around, ship them my way!

Going back to 5

I feel like absolute shit. Shit that got ran over by a semi & took a long ass trip up north.

Or something. Point is, I’m sick. Uber sick. Body aches & chills sick.

I used to be able to handle sick. Pop every cold pill imaginable, drink water. Done.

Now that I have babies again, all I want when I’m sick is my mommy to come over and my grandmas chicken soup. It comforts me just to have them here. I feel better.

It’s funny how that works. We all end up going back to our childhood forms in one way or another the older we get.


In other news, I love my job. Love it. However, I miss having a job where I didn’t have to talk if I didn’t want to. Where I could just sit merrily at my desk and not be bothered.

Today I had at least 2 kids in each class ask if I was sick because I didn’t look like myself and wasn’t dressed cute. Backhanded compliments for the win.

Also, new job means concerns about calling out sick so early on.

Oh well, I already told the kids if I didn’t show up Friday, it was because I was dead. Monday should be fun. Heh.

requisite update

Student teaching has been an amazing, eye-opening experience. I’ve learned so much from my mentor teacher. Invaluable lessons that no amount of time in an education course could have taught me. I’m going to miss working with her, the kids, and most of the teachers and staff. I really can’t say enough positive things about this experience. It’s been awesome.

Not so awesome? All the million and one additional requirements for English majors due to the university trying to get certified. They’re tedious, menial, and completely unrealistic as far as using them in a classroom goes.

And my last “required” (it’s a substitution for my actual required course & has nothing in common with it) English course…sucks. There’s no other way to put it. The work is pointless. The assignments are tedious. The instructions vague. The professor takes forever to grade and provides no feedback.

I feel like I’m taking “What Not to Do When You’re a Teacher 101.”

If anything, I’ve learned that students will have a very hard time doing work that they can’t find use for or relate to in their own lives.

So yes, total mental block when it comes to this class. It infuriates me.

In other news, I need a makeover. My master bedroom needs a makeover. My kids’ attitude needs a makeover.

More on that another time.

Sometimes our decisions are made for us

So my summer class was canceled. Again. Well not again, but the class that was supposed to substitute the class which I had originally registered for but couldn’t take because they canceled it was canceled.

I’m taking it as a sign that I just need to rest this summer and go full force my last semester and be done with it all.

I’ll be home alone with 4 kids, after all. Maybe it IS wise to focus all of my attention on them. Let’s just all pray I can maintain my sanity and not throw in the towel on my first week of housewifery.

So what does one do to entertain a 12 year old, 9 year old, and 16 month old? Oh, and let’s not forget the pup because she’s as attention starved as the rest of them. 

Take them to the zoo? The park? Nature hikes? That’d be fine and dandy if I didn’t feel as I was about to give birth every time I walked.

Watch a gazillion movies? Read a million books?  Awesome for the older ones, but what about the baby? Maybe I’ll teach her how to read this summer…

But then what happens after the littlest baby comes? Will she be as interested in the outdoors as her Dad, Rylan, and Kbob?  Or will she take after Mona & me and prefer the comforts of A/C and cushy couches? 

I guess we have all summer to figure it out…

Hindsight, poor planning, and finality

I could sit here and bitch and moan about UTB’s lack of a competent advising department.  I could, but I don’t have the time it would take to write about how much they suck.

So instead I’ll just say I wasted between two and three semesters taking classes I didn’t need only to find out today that had I taken matters into my own hands, I would already have not one degree, but two.  *breathe/in/breathe/out/try/not/to/cry*

And then I think, well, yeah, but my ultimate goal was to teach, not to just get a degree in English, but, but…ten years, people.  I’ve been at this for TEN.YEARS. and now that it’s SO CLOSE I realize all of this?! I could have been DONE?  ::sigh::

Semi-resigned already, maybe still a chance to turn back, but do I really want to? 

No.  I have a purpose, damnit.  What’s one more semester?  And in the end I can get both degrees if I want to.  So nana-nana- boo -boo.  I’ve got this. 

How’s your Wednesday going?