Headspace: reset

Today was off to a shitty start. The shirt I had picked last night for Body Pump didn't fit right. The one I did wear made me look pregnant. I didn't like the space I set up in. The workout was new, so I couldn't give it my all. I didn't like the way I... Continue Reading →


On memory loss and awkward encounters

I have a horrible memory. And I know a lot of people claim that, but if you've known me for a few months, you know this is actually true for me. I am constantly opening my phone screen to look something up only to immediately forget what I was going to search for. I have... Continue Reading →

Too much, but not enough.

I've been feeling out of sorts lately. My migraines, which had been gone for almost a year, came back with a vengeance. My mind has felt cloudy and foggy and I can't seem to focus on anything for more than a few minutes at a time. I hate it and I think it has to... Continue Reading →

February is becoming my favorite

Well, I survived all 365 days of January. Longest month ever. I know everyone is saying it, but it's only because it is true. And now it's February and OMG I AM SO EXCITED for this month! I will be running my first marathon! I am nervous and excited, but most of all, READY! Charro... Continue Reading →

None of that new new, just new.

The new year started and with it, new challenges. The good kind (for the most part), though (thank goodness). I decided to take on the M2M 1000 Mile Challenge which has me completing 1000 miles before the end of 2019. Naturally, it also made sense to do the City Cruisers 500 Mile Challenge because it'll... Continue Reading →


The plan for today was to wake up at 7, go for my benchmark run, do some yoga, and be done by 9. Alarm rang: plan changed. Sleep until 8, I thought. Elliah woke me up to get her breakfast and informed me it was 10:30. Well then. I'm supposed to go back to work... Continue Reading →

Time to face the (not so) pleasant music

I've avoided it thus far. I put it out of my head all summer. Ignored the telltale yellow store displays, silenced the notifications on certain groups, scrolled anxiously past all posts discussing it, but I can no longer feign ignorance. It's almost time to go back to work. I know I need to look at... Continue Reading →

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