Summer with toddlers vs Summer with kids

Summer with the girls at 5 & 6 years old >>> summer with the girls at 3 & 4 and 4 & 5.

They’re growing up, and while they still bicker and fight over the most inane things sometimes, they’re so much easier to entertain at this age. They’ve also discovered the magic of sleeping in and spending time on their own. They’re a bit more independent and can do more for themselves so I don’t feel like a personal assistant to a pair of overly demanding divas.

Summer has been good so far. We even went to the beach last week and it was, dare I say? Relaxing.

My little babies are growing up and while it breaks my heart, it also makes it swell with pride watching these two independent, fierce, energetic little girls find themselves.

They love watching movies (babes after my own heart) and coloring. They love building stuff and playing with cars (sometimes they even take a break and play with dolls, lol). They love practicing their gymnastic moves all over the house and taking years off my life as they decide to be daredevils and front flip right off the bed.

They’re starting swim lessons again soon and I have yet to go register them for actual gymnastics, but we’re having too much fun enjoying our unstructured summer days.





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