Some Thoughts on Summer Grad School

Let’s rewind to last semester. I was ALL ABOUT making the sacrifice and taking my 6 classes in 10 weeks and graduating early in December. I was positive I could handle all the homework (I didn’t think there’d be as much as there is) and I thought for some reason, our professors would be cooperative and allow us to take a few classes from the Brownsville campus rather than having to make the two hour roundtrip daily. Ha. Silly, idealistic me.

The first two weeks of school I had two graduations, a birthday party, a graduation party, a confirmation, family that I wanted to spend time with and that amounted to falling behind on homework. As I was saying no to hanging out with my kids so I could catch up, I made the decision to drop my two elective classes and just focus on my COMM class and it was the best decision I could’ve made.

As each day goes by, the reality of this being M’s last summer at home sinks in more and more and my time with her is just something I’m not okay giving up. Time with my girls while they are little and curious and want to go out and be active and do stuff is not something I want to sacrifice.

Add to this all the bureaucratic  bullshit that is trying to take a COMM class from Brownsville, an uncooperative professor with whom I’d be taking more than half of my classes with, and having to drive two hours twice a week and then four times Summer II and it’s just not worth it.

I’m ok graduating in May and avoiding all the BS that these two semesters were amounting to. I’ll stick to taking one class each summer session, and enjoying my time off and making memories with my kids.

Life happens whether I want it to or not. Time keeps moving forward. Enjoy it!




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