April, April, go away.

Faaaaaaaaaaak, man.

Between an ethnography, my research study, required readings for finals, and STAAR EOC testing next week, my brain is SHOT.

There is not enough time to be a good mother, good wife, good teacher, good student, good everything, but I refuse to settle for mediocre so I spread myself a little too thin knowing that come May, I’ll have a teeny tiny bit of breathing room.

Why so tiny? Because planning begins for M’s graduation party(!!!) SO. FREAKING. EXCITED.  Elliah’s birthday is that same month, so the plan is grad party one weekend, then Elliah’s 5th (!!!) birthday party the next.

Things I’m looking forward to to help get me through this month:

  • Maluma concert on the 28th!!!
  • Autism Run on the 21st!
  • Being DONE with all major required projects for the semester (crossing fingers).
  • A day off at the beach. Not sure exactly *when* this is happening, but it *will* happen.

Life is chaos. Organized chaos, but chaos nonetheless. I complain about all the work I need to do for school and how it may potentially not pay off in the form of a different position, but I love it either way.

Some days, when I’m in my Political Communication class or I’m reading for Cultural Communication, I get the urge to look into a PhD. I want to spend my time discussing and questioning and learning. Then I go to Applied Research y se me quita (good feelings  gone), but still. I love learning.

But I need a nice, long break.



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