My day started at 4 in the morning. Get up, fuel up, drive out. We had a trip to Texas State University’s Nursing School. Mona had a plan. Get her BSN and go on to med school and if that didn’t work out or she changed her mind, she’d at least have her BS in nursing. Well, today we found out it’s best for her to stick to the pre-med route & fully commit because nursing and medicine are apples and oranges, apparently.

A family friend and respected physician had told her as much already, but as teens are wont to do, Mona was sticking to her plan. Fine. I respect her strong will and gumption, but also encourage research when planning and putting big decisions in prayer and we did just that and I’m thankful for today’s long journey because it was eye-opening & life-affirming for her.

Sometimes we pray and ask for signs and wait and get frustrated that we don’t see them clearly or at all, but sometimes they take time.

Sometimes, we ask for signs and just blatantly ignore them again and again.

We tend to be stubborn and fight against something that goes against everything we have been planning and envisioning and it’s tough to accept that sometimes we need to change our mindsets in order to achieve a goal, but that’s when we really just need to let go.


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