Ready? Set? No.

Who has fabulous hair and a midterm for which she has not fully prepared?
This girl, that’s who.

The semester is at its peak and so are my stress levels with my applied research study and cultural research project. I just want to curl into the fetal position and ignore it all until it goes away.

Insert all cliches about vacation time going by too fast & it still wouldn’t accurately capture my disappointment in tomorrow being Monday.

Yes, great times were had and they were probably too great and that’s why it feels like it flew by, but I am seriously not ready for tomorrow. Thinking about it makes me angry.

This means one of two things will happen tomorrow: I will wake up at 5 to go to the gym and sweat my anger out before the day even really starts or press snooze and be angry at myself and all others for no reason the entire day. Choices.

Not well rested. Not prepared for tests. Not ready for needy whiny teenagers.

Monday, be kind.


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