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Positive affirmations and personal mantras have never been my thing. I’ve always felt a little silly (and fake, tbh)  being overly positive or pointing out the good in a situation because sometimes people just want to vent and rant and not have cliches thrown at them. Positive Polly is NOT my name. I’m Realist Rosie, thankyouverymuch.

I used to take so much pride in my sarcasm and cynicism, but as I’ve gotten older, I’ve come to realize the value of tiny positive messages and phrases I can say to myself or put out into the world for a little motivation or to make my day less sucky.

Yesterday I wanted nothing more than to jump online and bitch and complain about how much it was going to suck to go back to work. Back to waking up early. Back to not having time for anything. Back to students who don’t care and complain and don’t listen.


Instead I chose to just take a deep breath and focus on my (re)new(ed) goal of waking up at 5 and heading to the gym. To focus on getting back to my classroom and and starting one of my favorite units this week: Irony. To look forward to hearing how the kids’ first day back went (well, the little ones, anyway; the big ones aren’t much for back to school anything anymore). Gah, just typing that made me feel weird.

But it worked. Yeah, I dragged a little bit. Yes, it took me awhile to find my groove after working on less sleep than I’ve had in a long while. Yes, I’m still sleepy and achy and wish I was still on vacation. But my day didn’t suck and my morning cardio was cathartic and I took the best nap with Elliah after we got home and today was just a really good day.

So I guess being positive and putting that positivity out into my world *makes* it my reality. Maybe the world doesn’t have to suck all the time and I don’t need to focus on how idiotic/annoying/inane/asinine some people/situations/reality can be. It’s ok to take a break and appreciate the good things in life. Not dealing in sarcasm is oh-kay. Keep going. Keep pushing. Keep breathing. Someone get me that on a  t-shirt. Peace.




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