I think I can’t

Ever been so convinced you can’t do something only to happily surprise yourself?

I’ve been working out on and off for about two years now, but never on a consistent enough schedule and never following any type of healthy eating plan because I love carbs and sugar way too much to ever give them up completely. I’m also not unhappy with my body so I never had enough of a push to try and diet. Needless to say, I never really noticed a difference in my weight or body composition. You can’t out-train a bad diet, but you can at least keep yourself from ballooning up.

That said, I also hadn’t really noticed much difference in my endurance or speed throughout all this time. I had felt myself getting stronger and being able to push myself more with strength workouts, but never really noticed a difference in my runs.

Today though, I tried a HIIT incline and run workout on Fitradio and had already told myself I was going to walk it because ain’t no damn way I’m running at an 8% incline, no way no how. And then…

I jogged/ran my way through it and didn’t die. I actually felt like I could’ve probably pushed myself more. It was weird. I’m so used to feeling dead tired and done and telling myself it’s ok because it’s better than just not doing anything, but I actually wanted to try and complete the workout. It felt awesome.

I’m not sure if I can completely attribute it to my fitness level or if part of it is the app and its awesome mixes and coaching because I know that for sure helped me not focus on time and distance, but on my breathing and how I felt instead.

Anyway, if you’re looking for a training app, it’s on sale on Groupon right now for $18/year. You’re welcome.


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