Can’t think of a title

It’s pouring outside and the sound is glorious.

I spent most of my morning waiting in line for a chance to win $100 at ULTA to only win $5, but it’s okay because Elliah went with me and she got to pick something out.  I’m sure the texturizing cream she got will work wonders on her hair  =P

There’s so much to say and no way to say it, so here’s a bunch of pictures of my outfits from this school year.  Riveting stuff, right?  Have a great Sunday, people!

img_6646img_6657 img_6676 img_6691 img_6295img_6729 img_6892 img_6945 img_6959 img_6985img_6997 img_7011 img_7018 img_7113 img_7117 img_7156img_7166 img_7273 img_7292img_7303


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