Ornithophobia & a new pet

My fear of birds is pretty well known.  Just saying the word or typing it makes me shudder. The thought of feathers and beaks and beady little eyes is enough to give me anxiety, and no, that’s not an exaggeration.  I have no idea where it stems from, all I know is it started in my late teens.  I had never been attacked by a bird at that point so I can’t really tell you what my fear is, I just know I get sweaty palms and pretty much freeze in place if I can’t run away screaming like a mad woman if there’s a bird anywhere within 15 feet of me.  The flapping of the wings, the sound it creates…*shudder*

So as life would have it, a bird decided to nest riiiiiiiiiight on my front door awning.  I saw her building the nest a few weeks back and for some reason didn’t immediately ask my husband to move it.

Well, I left it and let it be.  The curious thing is that as soon as I drive up to my house, the bird flies out to the tree in my front yard.  It’s like it knows and it’s being polite.  I was scared that it might be there staring at me when I open the door to leave the house, but no, as soon I open the front door, it’s already flying out to the tree.  Then I figured it would surely stay put once the babes hatched and was scared it might attack me out of fear that I would get them (it’s happened to me once, I was out minding my own business when a fucking blackbird flew right at my head because its babies were nearby even though I had no idea), but no.  I hear the little birds chirping, I see the sticks in the nest moving, but the momma bird hasn’t been there to ungraciously greet me.

You would think that this little happening had taught me something, but you’d be wrong.  While I have developed a slight connection and a soft spot for this particular bird, I’m still convinced all other birds are evil and always secretly plotting to attack me.

So what happens now, though?  When do the little birds start to fly?  Will the mom ever build another nest?  Am I stuck with them? How do I keep the neighborhood strays from eating them? So many questions!!!  Help!


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