Two ears.  One Brain.
Attention divided. Not enough.

Carve moments out of time.  It’s not enough.  It’s never enough.
Little slivers of suspended reveries between mountains and mountains of dense, responsibility laden thoughts.

One heart. A few pieces. All equal. All important. Several pieces. Not equal. Still important.

Check incessantly out of boredom. Scroll absentmindedly out of habit. Vow to stop because it’s pointless and the vapidness of it all is cringeworthy. Oxymoronic.

Worry for nothing. Worry for everything. Worry and do nothing. Try and fail. Again.

Patience was a virtue not many were blessed with and the ones who were got too much of it and now it makes them seem like they don’t care.  “Tiene sebo” es lo que dicen.

Say something a thousand times to be heard once. Say it a little louder next time. Why are you always yelling?

Always angry. Always frowning. Used to be always smiling. Not always happy, but always smiling. Even through the worries.

Time passes. Wrinkles settle. The soul matures. Why doesn’t it keep smiling, though?

Care too little. Care too much. Care enough to do something, but what?






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