Today was bad.  I’m talking seeing red, don’t say your thoughts out loud or you’ll get fired, everyone get the hell away from me kind of bad.  I’m not even sure what brought it on or what changed because this morning had been going great and then it all went to shit in a matter of minutes.  I’ve felt out of it all day.  My vision clouded, I felt like I wasn’t actually in my body all day.  It’s weird as hell.

Come to think of it, it started yesterday and yesterday was a shitshow for the simple fact that I had no set schedule and that drives me absolutely bonkers.  I hate not having set times for things and knowing what comes next.  It throws me for a loop.

Unfortunately, with benchmark grading and holidays coming up, and then spring break, the next few weeks will be that way and then after testing everything is relaxed and kids don’t want to work and it’ll be like pulling teeth to get them to actually do something.

Blah.  I’m off to run this mood off.  6 miles should be plenty of time to get me back to normal, no?


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