Goodnight, Peppa

Elliah’s been having the hardest time going to bed and staying there for the past…oh I don’t know, year?  She’ll go to bed, then get up a bazillion times “to say hi,” “give you a hug,” or make one of her adorably cute faces and tell us a joke.  It’s hard for us to send her back because she’s just so funny.  She’s like a little drunk person stumbling around our living room laughing at herself and trying to hug everyone.  Last night it was 11 pm and she was up to her usual antics when she said something particularly hilarious and I couldn’t stop laughing so I guess she saw that as her chance and asked for a cookie with the biggest smile ever.  I almost gave in.  I guess at that point I realized I need to do something to help her stay in bed.  Routines don’t work.  They have one.  She’s just added her own steps after ours.

So after thinking and googling I decided to put together a little chart for them:

They get one star for each positive behavior each day.  After they earn 5 stars, they get to pick a prize. Today’s the first day and so far, so good.  Both girls are in bed and Elliah hasn’t come out.  Yet.  Cross your fingers that this works because as adorable as it may be, I can’t take much more of late nights and early mornings.  Mama’s getting old.

*update* Elliah’s been out here about four times since I’ve been trying to get this post published.  Oy.  Send wine. I mean, help.

Behavior Chart


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