Friday thoughts & OOTW

Teenagers are exhausting,

Kids can be unappreciative little assholes sometimes.

Coming home to a clean house does wonders for an anxious mind.

I will be rewarding myself with a new something or other when I reach Day 15 of this training.

Squats suck, but muscle memory is awesome.

My hair needs…work.

I was feeling so cute last weekend, too.  Then Monday came about and my hair decided to just turn into an oily, shapeless mess.  Back to wishing it was short and black.

Tomorrow is Day 6 of my training.  I’m supposed to run 4 miles.  That makes me chuckle a little every time I think about it.  I’m actually looking forward to it.

Caleb has a game out of town tomorrow.  Regionals.  Hoping to make it to state.

Monika’s boyfriend just asked me if I blogged about him when he started dating her.  “Did you write “Some idiot is dating my daughter now’?” Inexplicably so, no, I did not blog about him.

Which then got me to thinking that I don’t blog like I used to anymore.  I mean, your daughter dating is something I thought I would blog about, no?  I hate the word blog.  Post? Entry? Journal?  Bueller?

Anyway, my brain is fried so I’m out.


Monday was gross.  I need to lose weight.

My hair needs a trim and wearing it scrunched just doesn’t work anymore. I love the outfit tho.

Basic teacher look.  Comfy, bright, cute.

Love my hair, but this dress doesn’t work with flats and this jacket is way too big already.


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