On time and OOTW

When I worked in sales and advertising, my weeks always seemed to fly by since we worked on weekly deadlines and quotas.  It was something I hated and loved at the same time because while the weekend approached that much quicker, I felt like I never had time to savor the week.

This year of teaching has been very similar in that aspect.  While our grading periods are broken up into 6 week time frames, our team pretty much structures lessons a week at a time, making the week fly by.

Add to that daily pick-ups from practices and physical therapy sessions and weekly errands and weekends become treasured respites that end much too quickly.

This weekend was a blur.  The weather was gorgeous.  I snuck in a short jog on Sunday and it was awesome, but something knocked me on my butt and I napped for 3 hours.  It was weird.  I’m not used to napping anymore, let alone for that long of a time. I feel like I wasted my weekend.

In OOTW news, you should know that I mistook last week for Red Ribbon week and rocked a Superman shirt on Wednesday for Superhero Day.  I got crazy stares all day.  *shrug*  I feel pretty “meh” about all the outfits except for Thursday’s.  The bun continues to confuse me, but I love the way it looks in this picture.  Next week should be a humorous recap considering Red Ribbon week is actually, really finally here.


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