OOTW recaps & thoughts

Finally figured out how to get the pictures loaded.  If you use wordpress on a Mac & have suggestions, I’d love to hear them!

Two weeks ago.

Monday thoughts: Love, but need to get these pants tailored ASAP.
Tuesday: Department shirt, slacks, pony.  Boring.
Wednesday: Love the dress and so comfy.  Paired with sandals to dress it down.
Thursday: University day.  Braided hair.  Boots.  Kinda loved.
Friday: So done with the week.  Love the Breast Cancer Awareness Porter tee.  Hate the hair and the jeans.  Boo.  They used to be my fave pair.




Last week:

Monday: So in love with my GlamTee top.  I need to something about my hair situation.
Tuesday: An attempt to be casual and cute gone horribly wrong.  I felt like a slob all day.
Wednesday: Wear orange for anti-bullying.  Hate it in this picture, but actually loved my outfit in person.
Thursday: University day.  M’s UT shirt, slacks, flats, and top bun.  I was as comfortable as I looked and I really like it.  The bun needs some major work though.  I can’t master the effortlessly messy bun =(
Friday: So comfy, so fresh, but that hair.  Oh, the hair.



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