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I started drafting this post on Thursday and it’s amazing what a difference a day makes.  Thursday was bad.  I was in a horrible mood.  People were annoying me by just existing.  Well, that’s a lie.  Some people are just negative little assholes.  But I won’t waste my time dwelling on that because it’s just not worth it.

Friday was awesome.  Teaching kids to write essays is not easy.  That is understatement of the century.  Either way, Thursday was discouraging, but then Friday came around and the kids started getting it and I got some awesome feedback from old students and it was just a great day.

Then today I went to a training that I found to be incredibly insightful and relevant.  If you’re a teacher, you know how rare that is.  I mean, no one likes going to trainings period, let alone one on a Saturday morning, but I feel it was a good investment of my time and it reinforced my belief in teachers being our own best resources.

In other news, I’ve hidden my scale.  I was super annoyed with the number  I was at last week, but happy with the way my legs are looking, so I decided I need to stop with the number obsession and focus on how I feel and look instead.

I’m tired.  We’ve been traveling quite a bit this last month and household chores have been piling up and I’ve been dead set on getting my daily workouts in that putting clothes away and organizing clutter has taken a back seat.

So has putting much thought into outfits and hair.  Whatever, as long as I feel put together and not like a slob, I’m good.


No OOTW pictures this week because wordpress is being difficult.

Have a great weekend!




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