OOTW Success and Germs

So the outfit thing.  I guess it’s going okay and last year wasn’t that bad since one of my students from last year came by and told me she had nominated me for the “Best Dressed”  section of the yearbook.  I’ll take it.  Except I won’t because I feel like crap today and forgot to actually go take my picture.  Ah, so be it.  Stupid germs.

It started as allergies, but I can feel the fever coming on.  And apparently, this is a thing because every single teacher blog I read is mentioning something about back-to-school germs being in full swing.  Wonderful.

I’ve been in a funk lately and it hadn’t hit me until I typed it that I’ve forgone working out since Thursday.  Travel and germs make for a very tired, very unmotivated Rosie.  I’ve also gone back to eating everything in sight these last two days and that has made me feel worse.  I need to kick this cold in the bucket so I can get back to running because sweating out toxins really is the best therapy.

I can’t wait until I can see the changes in my pictures.  For now, here’s last week outfit recap.

I’m really liking doing this.  It’s convenient to be able to look back and see which outfits I hate, which ones I love, and which ones just aren’t working out.  It’s also kept me from wearing frumpy shit when I feel sick, because no one really wants to post a crappy picture.  Although in full honesty, I just found out that we can wear jeans and university shirts on Thursdays so that will totally be happening.  So if you have any old college t-shirts lying around, ship them my way!


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