Early summer plans

Today’s my last day of work and I’m sure you can imagine my excitement over that.

I still have a few days/weeks to go before I’m able to fully (not really) veg out and do nothing during the day though since we have quinceañera stuff and I have some home projects I want to tackle this summer.

On the list:

  • Redecorate the kids’/guest bathroom.  I want to find a theme that they both like since they both seem to have outgrown the current monkey theme (Lexi and Liah both love it, though…womp)
  • Paint the trim and front door of the house. I want a neutral color for the trim and a vibrant color for the door.  Still thinking up color schemes…
  • Finish redecorating all the kids’ rooms.  Ambitious? Yes.  Doable? Totally.  Monika had decided on a B&W theme and we started a basketball theme in Caleb’s room (he recently asked me to stop calling him Kbob *cue tears*).  The girls’ room is an explosion of pink and I’m so over it. We found an awesome shadowbox frame with “You are my sunshine” (their favorite song) in white and gold and a super cute blue canvas piece with gold accents so I’m just going to decorate around that.  Their beds are Minnie Mouse themed, but that’s okay.  We’ll work with it.
  • Organize the garage.  Every time we rid ourselves of some big piece of furniture we have stored in there, we seem to accumulate more stuff to replace it.  My hubby put some stuff up on racks and shelves, so mainly, it just needs to be reorganized, but we’ve lacked the time to be able to do so.

The other projects are pretty major and I’m sure won’t get done this summer, but I’m fine with that:

  • Installing tile in the dining room/kitchen
  • Replacing the carpet in the kids’ rooms with hardwood
  • Renovating the kitchen – cabinets, counters, and sink (but that’s a beast of another kind)

My husband’s all about DIY while I’m more of a “let’s just pay someone to do it” type, but that’s just not realistic on our budget.  Besides, we’d both much rather take a family vacation than spend money paying someone to do stuff for us.  And though I hate to admit it, there is some fun in getting down and dirty and knowing your sweat and tears (and as is the Sanchez way, almost always some degree of blood, lol) went in to the finished product.

That being said, bring on the summer fun!


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