Done and done.

It’s done. I did it.

It seems ridiculous now that I used to think I’d never be able to.

But then, after we were done and the runner’s high had set in and we laughed and she congratulated me and said “we should do this all the time!” and I totally agreed, I realized I did. I WAS able. I AM.

Putting stress on my body and testing it and pushing it and not giving up, realizing I am strong. It feels so damn good. It’s empowering.

3.1 miles. Done. No headphones. No music. Ran along to the soundtrack in my head. Maybe it was meant to be that way. Maybe losing my headphones in the parking lot was supposed to happen.

And yet, “It was ONLY a 5K. Get over yourself. People run those all the time.” ~annoying little voice in my head~ Except this time, *this time* I’m shutting that shit down quick. Because I know that even though it’s the baby of all races, it’s a testament to my health. My strength. My lungs finally clearing and being strong enough after all those years of smoking. My 5 AM workouts. Hard work pays off, ladies and gentlemen. Who’da thunk, huh?

And so it was. I’ve yet to set foot on pavement or treadmill since then, but I’m giving my body a break. I’ll start again today, maybe tomorrow. Set a new goal, push myself, wash, rinse, repeat. I’m stoked.



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