So a lot’s been going on lately leaving me little to no time to rant, but plenty of tiny little breaks to rave.

I’ve been uncharacteristically moody (and yes, I know I’m regularly bitchy, but this insidious annoyance that creeps in from time to time is a bit ridiculous).

I haven’t had time to workout regularly this week because I’ve had one thing or another supposedly happening or due, only to have one thing or another get canceled or fall through leaving me feeling stabby for giving up my morning zen in vain.

I’m ready for a vacation.   A grown-up vacation in which I can wake up at the time of my choosing and go to bed late and not worry about the gynormous bags I’ll be carrying around under my eyes the next day because there won’t be any teenagers near me to point out how tired I look when I choose to forgo concealer and sip a mimosa for breakfast instead.

Life is hard sometimes, yo.  And it’s hard for me to type that without following it up with some disclaimer or tidbit about how blessed we are, because we really are, I mean we have our health and each other and live great, comfortable lives, but man.  Sometimes all the things happen at once and it’s too much and it’s exhausting and…hard.

So why am I sitting here typing away rather than numbing my brain with some mindless television and some pinot?  Well I wish I knew.  Somehow, New Girl doesn’t seem too appealing and there really isn’t much else to watch and I know I’ll compulsively start absentmindedly checking my facebook as soon as I lose even an iota of interest in what I’m watching and then it all just seems pointless so I guess I decided to post this instead?  Yeah, let’s go with that.

G’night, y’all.


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