Going back to 5

I feel like absolute shit. Shit that got ran over by a semi & took a long ass trip up north.

Or something. Point is, I’m sick. Uber sick. Body aches & chills sick.

I used to be able to handle sick. Pop every cold pill imaginable, drink water. Done.

Now that I have babies again, all I want when I’m sick is my mommy to come over and my grandmas chicken soup. It comforts me just to have them here. I feel better.

It’s funny how that works. We all end up going back to our childhood forms in one way or another the older we get.


In other news, I love my job. Love it. However, I miss having a job where I didn’t have to talk if I didn’t want to. Where I could just sit merrily at my desk and not be bothered.

Today I had at least 2 kids in each class ask if I was sick because I didn’t look like myself and wasn’t dressed cute. Backhanded compliments for the win.

Also, new job means concerns about calling out sick so early on.

Oh well, I already told the kids if I didn’t show up Friday, it was because I was dead. Monday should be fun. Heh.


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