This year…

We celebrated Rylan’s first birthday

We celebrated our first year of home ownership
I quit my job of 5 years to stay home with the kids for the summer
I realized that if I were a full-time stay-at-home mom, I’d weigh like 300 pounds

We welcomed our littlest princess, Elliah
elliah grandmaselliah

Monika entered the dreaded teen years
mona bday

We took a million road trips for M’s sporting events
rt1 rt2

Kbob turned double digits
kbob bday

We spent Thanksgiving with our El Paso family
sanchez brotherstg3

We celebrated our first anniversary as a married couple

We bought a family vehicle that seats 8 and is NOT a van

I graduated (finally) with a Bachelor’s degree
gradgrad 2

We took a quick trip to Vegas
vegasgirls vegas

This year tested my will to stay sane.  It was amazing and full of family and friends, love,  and accomplishments,  but it was also exhausting.  I guess a big family will do that to you, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.  We hosted so many parties and get-togethers this year, and our home is the happiest when it’s full.  I am thankful to be so blessed with an amazing family, smart, healthy kids, and a supportive, loving husband.  Here’s to having an even better 2014!  

Best wishes to you and yours an may your year be filled with blessings, family, laughter, and love!

                                                     Last New Year’s Eve
 m new year ny 2013

                       Valentines from Dad                                                         Charro Days
  valentines charrondays

                                 Easter                                                             Rylan’s 1st trip to Barnes & Noble
easter bookstore

                   Kbob’s favorite sport                                                         Kbob & Uncle Tito
kbob bball guitar

               Rylan at the rancho                                              1st zoo trip
Lexa horse lexa zoo

halloween halloween kidshall

tg1 tg2

xmas 2 xmas 3 xmas 4 xmas1xmas 5


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