Ending Coming Soon…

So my brief stint as a housewife/stay-at-home mom is quickly coming to an end.

With school starting on Monday for me & Wednesday for the munchkins, my brain has entered “frantic mode” which means I’ve made list upon list of things I need to get done before I lose these precious daytime hours to get.shit.done.

The lists have remained in my brain though, because back to school means less time to enjoy moments like these:


Plus to be completely honest, I want a little bit of time to enjoy my last moments of laziness. Sitting on the couch sipping coffee, watching endless reruns of my favorite shows…as if!

I asked the kids to give me one last thing they want to do before summer vacay is over. Kbob wanted to go play basketball at the park because apparently, shooting on the hoop we have at home “is NOT the same, Moooom.” Fine, easy as done. As for M, she couldn’t think of anything which means her summer was awesome and perfect and BAM! Done.  “Parents of the Year” award goes to us.

I’m thinking I’m going to post something along the lines of “Our Summer in Pictures” on Friday because I’m kind of sad a about all the pics forever confined to my phone, plus let’s face it, I have some cute kids, y’all. That, and I’m actually thinking of blogging regularly again and that’s much easier to do when I can fill this place up with pictures.

Stay tuned for tales from school, picture blogs, and my regularly scheduled (not so much) rants!


5 thoughts on “Ending Coming Soon…

  1. The kids have been back since last Thursday. Not a damned moment of peace. That may be a shift problem. Pray for me. And I can’t wait until your peace begins!!!

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