Housewifery Update

It’s been a little over a month that I’ve been a stay-at-home-mom/housewife.

I could really get used to this and let me just tell you, that scares me a bit.  Really didn’t think I’d make it more than two weeks at home before wanting to run for the hills back to a paying job, but being home with the kids this summer has been one of the best experiences.

Yeah, it’s been a bit difficult now that the new littlest princess is here, but thank goodness for having family close by.  My grandma comes by every day to hang out and keep me sane and help with the little divas.  The kids have been SO helpful.  It’s been pretty awesome.

We all go a little stir crazy every now and then, but M is still doing soccer with the help of some awesome team parents who cart her around as if she were one of their own, and Kbob just had a bball tournament, so they still get to do what they love.  Rylan is loving being at home and having a little baby around, although she does get a bit jealous every once in a blue moon.

And now for some random thoughts because I haven’t had my coffee and can’t handle writing in any more complete thoughts:

Leaving the house with 4 kids is a huge ordeal compared to leaving the house with 3.

Going anywhere that requires a stroller makes me think twice because The Behemoth is heavy as hell when folded up.

Rylan has gotten much closer to M and Kbob now that the baby is here.  I think she thinks she’s still the baby to them.

I will never learn to enjoy cooking.

I want to bake, but don’t have the patience for it.

I need some coffee.

Peace, y’all.


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