Dietary bitching and help wanted

So aside from this whole cooking all the time thing, I’d say this stay at home mom thing is going pretty damn great.

I don’t even really mind the cooking. It’s mostly the grocery shopping that annoys me. Mainly because I never know what I’m making so each meal requires a trip to the store. The closest one is WalMart. It’s torture. On my patience AND my wallet.

So, new game plan. I won’t say I’m menu planning because I always end up failing at that. I’m just going to have to come up with staples to have on hand at all times. Stuff the kids will eat. I also need to break them out of this whole “full course meal” mentality. They seem to expect fancy food with sides every time we sit down. It’s like they don’t even know me anymore! 

What does one cook that’s a) budget friendly b) teen/preteen approved c) fast and easy and 4) relatively healthy?



4 thoughts on “Dietary bitching and help wanted

  1. I go to my grocery store website and base my menu off of what is on sale. Plan your produce well. It goes first, and is pricey. I have thrown away so much friggin produce, and I get SO mad every time. I keep pasta, rice, potatoes, eggs, milk, flour, cheese, the staples handy always. I throw in a meat and a veggie and voila! Sometimes I just google what I have on hand and make something new.

    I am learning to grill too. Watch out!

    1. Can you move to Texas and be my neighbor?! Jajaja

      That’s part of my problem. I’m not creative so I feel like my staples make my menus super boring. Samr stuff all the time. I guess I need to actually invest myself in my cooking.

      1. Google is your friend. I will be honest, I only have a few staple meals and a couple the hubs isn’t fond of. So I have had to branch out. Kielbasa is very versatile, whole chicken is super easy to bake (go figure!!) Hamburger meat/Sausage for any spaghetti or lasagna. We also have “Sandwich” night and Brinner night (Breakfast for Dinner). There can also be soup and sandwich night or frozen lasagna/pizza night.

        This is as far as I have gotten.

        I am delving into Chicken and Yellow rice with sour cream and cheese casserole thingy.

        Rice is NOT my friend. I always jack it up.

        Say a prayer.

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