Housewifery: Day 1 (and a half)

I was expecting to have some kind of “SOS, send help! how do these crazy stay at home parents do it?!” type post, but the first day went pretty darn well.

I either have a super well behaved toddler, or she just had a good day yesterday, although we are on Day 2 and she is currently napping.

The kids were great too.  We only had a few meltdowns over who got to play on the iPad so I think Rylan needs one of her own *wink wink, Dad!*

We even survived a trip to Walmart unscathed.  Also, wtf with Walmart being packed at noon on a school/work day?  Don’t these people have jobs they should be at?!?!?

I take that back.  We were out again since noon today and it seems EVERYWHERE is packed, not just Walmart.  What gives?

Kbob completed one of his “to-do” items this morning.  I bought a new throw pillow for the living room (I’m obsessed, but so far so pretty. yellow and aqua make a lovely summer combo).  Rylan still hates all things chocolate (well, milk and ice cream, but that’s enough, I mean, I looooove chocolate in any way shape or form).

Reading over this, I don’t think I’ll be posting daily.  This stuff is terribly boring.  Although it does serve as kind of a time stamp for me, but do I really need to know when I did my nails last?  (by the way, gel polish is the devil to remove).

Maybe I’ll start a project a day or something to make it more interesting…oh who am I kidding!  I’ll just continue to blog about all the mundane things I do on the daily.  After all, y’all don’t have to read it if you don’t want to!



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