Hindsight, poor planning, and finality

I could sit here and bitch and moan about UTB’s lack of a competent advising department.  I could, but I don’t have the time it would take to write about how much they suck.

So instead I’ll just say I wasted between two and three semesters taking classes I didn’t need only to find out today that had I taken matters into my own hands, I would already have not one degree, but two.  *breathe/in/breathe/out/try/not/to/cry*

And then I think, well, yeah, but my ultimate goal was to teach, not to just get a degree in English, but, but…ten years, people.  I’ve been at this for TEN.YEARS. and now that it’s SO CLOSE I realize all of this?! I could have been DONE?  ::sigh::

Semi-resigned already, maybe still a chance to turn back, but do I really want to? 

No.  I have a purpose, damnit.  What’s one more semester?  And in the end I can get both degrees if I want to.  So nana-nana- boo -boo.  I’ve got this. 

How’s your Wednesday going?


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