The thing about comparing yourself…

Is sometimes (most of the time) you feel like you’re not doing enough.  Sure working full-time while going to school, managing a household, and raising 3 kids + a dog SEEMS like a lot, but Susy homemaker over there does all that AND prepares a 3-course meal for her family every night except on Sundays when it’s a 5-course instead of just 3.  Oh, and her house is always spotless.  And her kids always get to where they need to be on time.

But then you ask yourself, does anyone really *know* a Susy homemaker like that? Or do they just exist on the internet and mommy blogs?  Because, I mean, all the mommy bloggers talk about how much they hate their kids sometimes and how they wish they could run away for a bit, but every blog ends with “but it’s all worth it when I see my (4+) bundles of joy cuddled asleep at night.”

Because I mean, yeah, the kids make it all worth it.  But when M is rolling her eyes and Kbob is rambling about his “most awesomest soccer skills everrrrr” for the 50th consecutive minute and the baby wants to go play outside even though we just came back in the house and all I want to do is sit on the couch and kick some ass on Ruzzle, I feel like a bit of a failure.  

And then that goes away because ohmygawd Rylan is adorable and Kbob is great with her and M’s sarcasm is too damn funny and all is right in my world again despite the little dust bunny in the corner and the yard that needs watering and the fact that I’ll either be hitting up a fast food joint or my mom’s for dinner.  

But the fact remains that you can’t do it all alone.  Parenthood isn’t about being perfect. I’m sure everyone fucks up their kids just a little bit, (I still believe that less than perfect childhoods make stronger people) but all you can do is try to outweigh all the bad with an immense amount of good in the form of memories and laughter and family bonding over who has the loudest laugh or the snobbiest voice.  

So you keep going.

You delve into pinterest knowing damn well that those 160 DIY projects will never get done and less than half of the recipes will be attempted and the hair tips will fail but your manicures will always be amazing and your heels to die for.

And you breathe.  Because all that matters is YOUR FAMILY.  How YOU function.  How your babies smile and bicker and then smile again.


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