Greener Pastures

We had our first real rain of the year last week and my lawn rejoiced. 

You see, I don’t have a green thumb by any means. Hell, I’ve managed to kill two aloe vera plants so that should tell you just how not green my thumb is.

So when I noticed a lush green bed of grass had taken over most of our front lawn and the ixoras were blooming like crazy, I had to do a little happy dance.  

When we first moved in, our lawn was overtaken by crab grass.  Those things were ginormous and I kept tripping over them and the grass was brittle and prickly and the ixoras almost dead.  We dug out the crab grass, fertilized, did a little “make my yard pretty” dance, and nothing.  We even watered (I lie, I turned on the sprinkler every day for a week and then gave up when I didn’t see immediate results).

But now that the heavens opened up and sent us much needed rain and the grass reacted that awesomely to it you bet your ass I will be out there keeping up with it every (other) day.  

I have to.  Rylan is an outdoorsy baby.  The grass is finally all nice and soft to where she can go outside and sit on the lawn and I don’t have to worry about cadillos or other things pricking her delicate skin.  

And not only that, but the hubs fixed up the flower bed meaning I have to water those babies and keep them alive because I’ll be damned if I’m the one who kills them.  Even my slow vera is looking all perky and green right about now.  Maybe the times are changing.


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