You win some…

These past 3 weeks have been spent living life, working on projects for school, running around with soccer matches and doctor’s appointments and everything else and in the back of mind worrying about what comes next.


Am I ready to let go of my job?  Am I ready to fully commit and take the leap and throw myself into student teaching?  Is there really any other option?  


Well yes, but that would involve me not graduating in December.  I don’t know that I can (want) to push that back any further.  


So like I said, the last three weeks have found that thought gnawing at my brain.  What if I didn’t pass my state exam?  What if I can’t find a job when I graduate?  What/when am I going to tell my boss?  SHould I just stay here?  Attempt to take an extended leave of absence and return after graduation? To an hourly job that may never go anywhere? Is that really what I spent the last (redacted) years of my life spreading myself thin to manage kids and work and life and school for?  


So what to do?  Wait, I suppose.  Pray, definitely.  Meditate as per doctor’s orders.


I wrote that on Friday night.  At around 10:20ish AM today I found out I did indeed pass my exam.  One less worry.  Now just to decide what to tell the bossman…



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